Clinic Speakers

2021 Georgia Dugout Club Speaker Schedules:

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Thursday December 9th  

6:00-8:00 Georgia Gwinnett Staff 


 Friday December 10th 

8:00 Pete Berrios Pure Hitting Program  

8:45 Awards Notable Wins  

9:00 Jeremy Shettinger Georgia Gwinnett College 

9:45 Award 1A,2A,3A Field of the Year 

10:00 Scott Hemmings Albany State University 

10:45 Awards 4A,5A Field of the Year 

11:00 Rick Howard Lambert High School 

11:45 Awards 6A,7A Field of the Year 

12:00 Tim Hyers Boston Red Sox 

1:00 Awards Coaches of the Year, Ethics in Coaching, Hall of Fame 

3:30 Jack Moore Pitching Professional National Pitching Association 

4:15 Awards Asst Coach of the Year 

4:30 Chris Turco Pope High School 

5:15 Nick Pou Sandy Creek High School


 Saturday December 11th 

8:30 Dr. Barry Davis Rider University 

9:15 Todd Eubanks Team Georgia 

9:30 Marvin Freeman Former MLB Pitcher Phillies,Braves,Rockies 

10:15 Jeff Weems Pitch Kount  

10:30 GHSA Rules Clinic