Preseason All-American Nominations

Posted 2/3/2022

Happy Beginning of Baseball Season State Associations! My name is Tim Saunders (Ohio), and I am the Executive Director of the National High School Baseball Coaches Association. You have been identified as a state high school baseball leader and perhaps an officer in your state high school baseball coaches association. We wanted to check in with you as an administrative team member to discuss avenues of opportunity in the NHSBCA. Our mission is simple to assist high school baseball in all states and bring NHSBCA initiatives, awards, and programs to your state high school baseball association.
Before detailing the different facets of our operation, I wanted to speak on why we believe it is important to be an NHSBCA dual member state. Currently, we have three NHSBCA dual member states. Being an NHSBCA dual member state affords your members all the benefits of our organization. To become an NHSBCA Dual Member state the cost is 30.00/member this is a significant discount from the 50.00 dollars for an individual membership. All NHSBCA dual memberships include a 1 million dollar liability coverage, coaches awards, and player awards including Academic All-American nominations and NHSBCA/High School sponsored end-of-year awards. These, along with the NHSBCA perpetual awards, COY, ACOY, FOY, and All-Region and All-American teams make us a smart choice for all high school state baseball associations.
If your state association is interested in becoming an NHSBCA Dual Member organization please email me, Tim Saunders.
Below are NHSBCA's yearly updates and initiative briefings for the 2022 baseball season. Please update your regional or state contacts from the lists below. If you are interested in being part of an NHSBCA Committee feel free to send us an email. All help is welcome and appreciated.
The above link is the contacts that encompass all of the NHSBCA Committee and Committee Chairs.
Some state association has changed their website or administrative team. Please click the red link above to ensure your web link is still active on our site. If there has been a change in the link or leadership, please email Ty Whittaker.
Pre-Season All-American
Now in our 4th season. We believe in getting our state association's players noticed. Below, you will see an example of your state's NHSBCA Pre-Season All-American link. This year we have streamlined the process to allow a quick turnaround. Pick as many players as you wish to spotlight your state association's Pre-Season All-American Selections. These will be posted on our website as they roll in, here is a copy of 2021 NHSBCA PSAA selection submissions. (Due to COVID are sample size was low)
  1. Download the Excel Spreadsheet Red Link Above
  2. Look at the NHSBCA/Maryland Pre Season All-American
Example Prior To Completion
  1. Double-check for spelling and indicate your state in the Spreadsheet
  2. Email the attached Excell spreadsheet and send it to
  3. Due Date April 1st, 2022
We would also like to include certificates that you could provide your coaches for your player's selection to the 2022 NHSBCA Pre-Season All-American Team.
Check out our flyer for the 2022 NHSBCA Convention. We hope you can join us in Florida this December. If you have dynamic speakers within your association, please give Tim Saunders an email with the name and topic. We would love to hear from the state associations.
NHSBCA/Baseball America Ranking Committee Chair Tony Cleveland
As most of your know, the NHSBCA/Baseball America offers the most comprehensive ranking for high school baseball. State Associations feedback to our NHSBCA Regional Reps is a big part of its success. Below you will find your regional contacts. We encourage input from the state associations.
REGION 1       TBD
REGION 3       ERNIE PADRON     FL       
                         RON SAVAGE            FL (ASST)
                         TRAVIS HART            TN (ASST)
                       DAVE McDONALD  GA (At-Large)
                       JOHNSTON HOBBS NC  (At-Large)
REGION 4       DAVE GANDOLPH   IN           
                       GENE BUMGARDNER OH (ASST)
REGION 5      DON GAWRELUK    MN.       
REGION 6       ERIC FORESTIER                          
                          BART BICKERTON   TX 
                       LARRY WATKINS    MS (At-Large)
REGION 7       CODY BRASSFIELD AZ            
                       MIKE LETOFSKY     CO          
REGION 8       MARK WISE           WA (ASSIST)
                         TONY WOLDEN         WA (ASSIST)
                         BRANDON SIMON     CA (ASSIST)
                         TONY CLEVELAND      CA          
Asst. Exec Director   TY WHITTAKER                 
Exec. Director             TIM SAUNDERS              
Baseball America       CARLOS COLLAZO               
Take a peek at the 2021 NHSBCA All American Teams. The intel from your state association drives these selections. If you have a member of your state association that is your contact person, please email Tim Saunders.
Here are the criteria for NHSBCA Hall of Fame nominations.
Red Bar Below Is The Submission Form.
Craig Anderson is the NHSBCA Hall of Fame Committee Chair
1.    Must be a present member of the NHSBCA with at least 12 years of NHSBCA membership.
2.    Must have coached a minimum of 15 years as a high school head varsity baseball coach with a minimum of 20 years total experience that may include college or other levels. A state or collegiate athletic governing body must sanction this coaching tenure.
3.    Definition of a Head Varsity Baseball Coach; NHSBCA Hall of Fame Chair and Hall of Fame Committee will decide on a viable definition of what constitutes a Head Varsity Baseball Coach.
4.    Must have a career winning percentage over .500 as a Head High School Varsity Baseball Coach.
5.    Must have contributed to the NHSBCA in one or more of the following areas:
A.  Held an Office in the NHSBCA and/or served on the Academic All-American, All-American, Coach of the Year, Assistant Coach of the Year, or Field of the Year NHSBCA Committee Member.
B.   Presented as a clinician during NHSBCA Convention and/or write an article for the NHSBCA to publish on the website, email newsletter, or in the "Extra Innings" mailings and/or "Coaches Corner," located at
6.    Must be nominated and proper forms submitted to the NHSBCA Hall of Fame Chairman by October 1st of that nomination year. (No Coach will be considered for NHSBCA Hall of Fame voting without all paperwork submitted.) Character reference and Professional references could be done with School Official, Athletic Director, State High School Baseball Coaches Association, and State Athletic Official (recommendation may vary).
7.    If after 6 years of not being selected by the NHSBCA Hall of Fame Committee, the nominee's name will be withdrawn from the NHSBCA Hall of Fame candidate list. The candidate may be renominated after resubmitting the application and meeting the NHSBCA Hall of Fame criteria.
One pressing need that many coaches endorsed was recognition of their student-athletes, back by popular demand for the second year the NHSBCA Academic-All American Award. We believe this award is a win-win for all involved, from parents to the high school coach. Please remember that you must be an NHSBCA member for your student-athlete to qualify. Please click to nominate for NHSBCA Academic All-American Award.
Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from your state association soon.
In Baseball,
Dave Johnson (NHSBCA Historian) welcomes input and feedback at
P.O. Box 1038
Dublin, Ohio 43017
Phone: +1 614-578-1864