Cochran Scholarship Nominations

Posted 3/14/2022


Dear Coaches,
The Georgia Dugout Club is honored to name a scholarship in honor of one of the greatest ambassadors of Georgia high school baseball, Coach Harvey Cochran. We, the members of the Harvey Cochran Scholarship Committee, would like to share the following criteria for the selection of this individual.  We are in agreement that the individual not be a baseball scholarship recipient nor a draft choice. The Scholarship Committee would like to provide a minimum of one thousand dollars per awardee. We declare the individual should be a member of one of the high school baseball teams that is a member in good standing financially with the Georgia Dugout Club. The individual should also possess the following characteristics:
1. Be an academic qualifier and accepted to the University, college, junior college or vocational school of their 
2. Be nominated by the Head coach of the high school the young man played for by the deadline set forth by the scholarship committee.
3. Be selected by the coach based on the merit of his hard work both in the classroom and on the baseball field.  Minimum GPA is 2.5.
4. Be respected by his teammates for his integrity, loyalty, and commitment to his baseball team.
5. Be that guy that shows up on time and ready to work consistently.
6. Hard Work is key to your decision of the selected individual, this is important because Harvey will be long remembered for the work he did in making The Georgia Dugout Club one of the best in our country.
All applications should be submitted to Greg Goodwin, Harvey Cochran Scholarship Nomination Chair, via email to
All applications should be submitted no later than April 15, 2022. Head coaches must submit a one-page nomination letter stating why his nominee is deserving of the scholarship. Coaches will be notified of the winners by May 1.
Kind Regards,
Greg Goodwin
Scholarship Chair