Membership Convention, Banquet Drive Open

Posted 10/11/2022


2022-23 Membership Convention, Banquet Drive now open

The 2022-23 NHSBCA Membership/Convention Drive is now open. The 2022-23 NHSBCA membership has a few new initiatives, including access to the 2021 NHSBCA Convention through CoachTube, a million-dollar liability insurance policy, our annual NHSBCA convention, NHSBCA coaching awards, team awards, and much more. Invest in your coaching future, and join the only national baseball coaches association dedicated solely to the high school coach. 
Today we are also introducing our newest sponsor to the NHSBCA lineup, Baseball Honor Society is a community-based, nonprofit honors program that provides baseball's highest achievers with the recognition, attention, and reward they deserve while providing opportunities to raise their standards through continuing on-field and off-field education.
When players become part of the Baseball Honor Society, they join an elite group of student-athletes dedicated to excellence in all areas of life. Baseball Honor Society exists to honor baseball's highest achievers with the recognition they deserve for their efforts on the field, off the field, and in their community.
Your Baseball Honor Society profile showcases your commitment to academic and athletic excellence. These profiles are sent to college coaches, admission boards, and future intern opportunities or employers.
As members, players have the privilege of being further honored by nomination and selection to Baseball Honor Society All-State and All-American teams and Player Of The Week, Month, and Year. Baseball Honor Society members are future-oriented and constantly seek opportunities for advancement. Through our continuing education programs, the Baseball Honor Society provides its members with resources that prepare them for advancing to the next phase of their careers. Members are awarded badges and certificates that showcase their commitment to their future. The minimum requirements for this program are a minimum unweighted GPA of 3.5, an ACT of 27, and an SAT of 1300. The basic profile is free. Check us out at the Baseball Honor Society.