A message from the BCA

Posted 3/15/18

Hello BCA Board, Committee Chairs and Pillars of the BCA,
I truly hope you are off to a great start in the 2018 spring season. I know many of you are into your games and ready to open up league
play.  Those of us in the colder states are still waiting on warm weather to hit and will begin games in late March and in early April. Summer is on it's way so take advantage of the nice spring days.
Here's a few things that have taken place since our last update letter.
1.  Ty Whittaker/Maryland has done an outstanding job of negotiating with Prestosports as our new web site host.  We are currently in phase two
of the rebuild and hope to have it  fully operational in the next 4-6 weeks. Until then we are still using the web site we've had for years and the address will stay the same -- www.baseballcoaches.org.
2.  I just signed a new deal with Baseball America today and we will continue to have our BCA/Baseball America Rankings every two weeks throughout the spring. Our Baseball Ranking committee had their top 50 preseason then completed our first week of the season one week ago. Our next conference call to vote again comes this March 18. Baseball America uses the BCA Rankings as their Rankings and our board does a very admirable job of ranking the top teams each week. In the past Baseball America has paid the BCA an annual fee of $1,025 for this work. I was able to negotiate a new annual fee of $2,000 for all the time and effort our board puts together. That fee will go into effect immediately and will be used towards our new web site expenses.
3. I have 10 new sponsors on board to partner with the  BCA.  However, I have discussed with them the new web site and I am putting them on
hold until the new website is up and running. That way we can compare apples to apples when finally getting them on board and getting their company brand in the public eye.
4.  It has been announced that Ron Davini will be inducted into the ABCA Hall of Fame next January and will be inducted in Dallas at the
ABCA Clinic. Congratulations to Ron for this wonderful recognition. Most deserving for a life long passionate and successful player and high school baseball coach and administrator.
5.  I continue to get e-mails of thanks and appreciation and coaches ask what they can do to help the BCA. I would tell everyone that we
need each of us to continue to promote and spread the word of the BCA and how it is an investment to a coaches career. When you play games this spring tell the opposing coach that you play to go on line and complete an application and send in their dues. We need passionate young and old coaches to be on board. In order for us to grow and prosper we need as many coaches promoting as possible. I consider the state board coaches to be the pillar of this organization and one or just a few can not do it alone.
6.  If you have not sent in your application and dues yet please do that right away.
7.  No "Coaches" or "Fields of the Year" can be honored or receive recognition from the BCA unless they are a dues paying member. Keep that in mind as you may encourage coaches  with nice fields or turn in names as possible Coaches Of the Year Honors. Remind them to go on line and pay their dues to be eligible and to be an active member.
8. I have been in contact with our BCA Sponsor insurance company and instead of sending back cards I have made a certificate which tells you the same information. It includes the One million Dollar Liability Insurance for each BCA Member and if you want to use them for summer camps, etc. It has the current costs per participant there as well. In order to save mailing expenses, I am going to be sending this via e-mail to all our members as I receive their membership and fees. If a coach has questions or needs to use this insurance policy then they call the numbers on the certificate. /userfiles/files/BCA%20Insurance%20sheet%20(1).docx
9. If you have any ideas or concerns I'd like to hear them so feel free to contact me at any time. My e-mail is ohiocdbca@gmailc.om and my cell is 614-578-1864. Text is better than calling most of the time.
Best of luck to everyone and thanks for all you are doing to promote the BCA.  Let us all keep moving in the right direction.
In Baseball,
Tim Saunders