Message from BCA Director Tim Saunders

Posted 9/27/18


A Message from BCA Executive Director Tim Saunders

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This is a friendly reminder that the Baseball Coaches Association (BCA) Clinic and 2018-2019 Membership Drive is in full swing.

The Clinic will be held in St. Louis, Missouri Nov. 29-Dec. 2, 2018 at the Hilton at the Ballpark in downtown St. Louis.  Please do whatever you can to help advertise our newly renovated web site which is still at the original domain of  You may register online for the clinic and this year’s membership as well. You can also pull off a membership application if you want to register by mail.
We are encouraging all registrations to go through the online method because it saves a lot of retyping information into our database.  However, we can still do both.
What I’ve noticed over the past years is that the BCA has not really been promoted very well. I am asking each of you to help promote and sell the BCA to coaches in your area, state and nationally. Please send out e-mails. text messages and twitter to your friends that they need to be joining the association. I believe it is truly an investment in their coaching careers.
My number one goal since taking over for Ron as the Executive Director has been to double the size of our membership.  I hope we can come close to accomplishing this in the first year but it can not be done by one person.  I need your help getting the word out and showing the passion that you have for baseball and for the BCA.  Please use whatever method works for you but let’s all celebrate in St. Louis with the biggest turnout ever at our National Convention.
Register today and let’s get the ball rolling.  We will be having our committee meetings on Friday and Saturday morning so I hope each of you on the committees are planning on being in St. Louis.  We will also have our kickoff social on Thursday evening at the Hotel.
Follow the clinic speaker lineup by visiting the web site and checking out the additions. Any questions please get back to me.