NHSBCA 2020 Clinic canceled

Posted 8/13/2020


Hello to all NHSBCA Members,
I want to take a moment to fill you in on what the leadership of NHSBCA has been doing lately. Throughout the spring, we have continued our work of promoting high school baseball. In our summer emails we have posted the recipients of NHSBCA Regional Coaches of the Year, NHSBCA Regional Assistant Coaches of the Year, and NHSBCA Regional Fields of the Year. We will be sending you the NHSBCA All-Region/Fab 150 and NHSBCA All-Americans shortly. Our NHSBCA Committee Chairs have done an excellent job of fulfilling their duties during these unique and trying times. We also hosted seven podcasts anchored by NHSBCA Social Media Director Brian Thomas with NHSBCA Coaches during late spring and early summer.
As we move into our next fiscal year (September 1, 2020-August 31, 2021), we are anxious to continue promoting high school baseball in every way possible. If you have not renewed your membership click the NHSBCA membership link, and you can renew or join for the upcoming year.
Our NHSBCA Executive Board met last week via Google Meet to discuss the future of this year’s NHSBCA Convention in Scottsdale, Arizona. After much discussion with the executive board members, the Embassy Suites, and reviewing the Covid-19 situation across the nation, our Board voted unanimously to cancel this year’s NHSBCA Convention. This was not an easy decision, as you may imagine, but out of an abundance of caution well elected to reconvene at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Scottsdale Arizona December, 2nd -5th, 2021.
Due to all the uncertainty at this time, we felt it was essential to get this news out to you as soon as possible. The online registration will be changed to have a membership only application, not membership/convention for the 2020-2021 fiscal year.
Although we have selected all our committee honorees and this year’s NHSBCA Hall of Fame Inductees, we want them to receive their awards in front of our coaches. The Board voted to combine all the honorees of this year (2020) and those of 2021 at the 2021 NHSBCA Convention in Scottsdale.
We will continue to send updates to pursue our goal of promoting high school baseball in the months ahead. We are praying that our lives and country will get back to what we called normal very soon. Please stay healthy and continue your role as coach, mentor, and advisor to all those that will need your help and guidance in the months ahead.
Tim Saunders