Harvey Cochran Scholarship Award accepting nominations

Posted 1/11/2021


Dear Coach, 

The Georgia Dugout Club is proud to announce the creation of the Harvey Cochran Memorial Baseball Scholarship, to be awarded annually to one or two deserving young men (depending on available funds).  As we are all aware, Coach Cochran served for several years as the Executive Director of the Georgia Dugout Club. He is a member of several Hall of Fames. including the Georgia Athletic Coaches Association (GACA) and the Georgia Dugout Club. He was involved with Team USA and promoted our game internationally. 
The Harvey Cochran Scholarship Committee has established the following criteria for the selection of the scholarship recipients. The individual recommended by his Head Coach must be a member of a high school baseball team that is a member in good standing financially with the Georgia Dugout Club.  The individual should not be a potential draft choice. The individual selected should also possess the following characteristics.:
1. Be an academic qualifier and accepted to the University,College, Junior College or Vocational School of their choice.
2. Be nominated by the Head Coach of the High School the young man played for no later than April 1 of each spring. Nominations should be submitted by email to Greg Goodwin at playtowin26@gmail.com  Nominations should be limited to one page. Scholarship recipients will be presented the Scholarship Award(s) during the May All-Star Games.
3. Be selected by the Head Coach based on the merit of his hard work both in the classroom and on the baseball field (must possess a minimum 2.5 GPA)
4. Be respected by his teammates and coaches, for his integrity,loyalty and commitment to his baseball team.
5. MUST BE that GUY who shows up on time and ready to work consistently.
6. Being a hard worker should be KEY in your decision of the selected individual, this is important because Coach Cochran will be long remembered for his dedication and tireless effort in making the Georgia Dugout Club one of the best State High School Baseball Organizations in the country.
Thank you so much to the individuals who have contributed to the scholarship fundraising campaign. Several individuals had pledged to contribute during the Coaches Clinic. If you would still like to contribute please send checks to: 
Georgia Dugout Club
c/o Executive Director David McDonald
3270 Walton Riverwood Lane
Atlanta, Ga. 30339